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Press Release
Subject: Music 4 Life Festival
Date: Saturday 7th August 2010
Location: The Delphi Centre (Football Ground)

It's an unfortunate statistic that at some stage in all our lives we will personally know of someone who has been affected by Cancer.

There are many organizations across the UK doing tremendous work in research and development for a cure or to extend a patients life. Equally, there are many other smaller organizations that deal with the immediate aftermath, once the cancer has been diagnosed, with helping families come to terms with effects.

One such organization is the Eden Coppice Rose Trust, which provides green spaces and a sanctuary to help those with terminal or serious illnesses enjoy nature with their loved ones. The projects have now come under serious threat and are unable to fulfill its expansion plans due to a shortage of funding.

The scheme was set up by founder Rob Brooks – whose wife Rosemary died of cancer – and has been up and running for nearly 18months. Since it was set up, Eden Coppice Rose Trust in Sudbury has provided an escape for an estimated 70 sufferers of cancer and other serious illnesses. The project has also been extensively used by children with special needs who have spent a total of 3,000 hours taking advantage of the site's facilities.

The project – called Withnature – is based around 3 acres of woodland in the centre of Sudbury Suffolk. "We've worked so hard to turn the wood into something that those who come here will really enjoy. When I meet people at the wood, many of whom are in the final stages of terminal disease, all of them have told me they really appreciate having somewhere they can go to get away from it all and be at peace with themselves" said Rob Brooks.

"We, as a company, – Said Mr. Antonio Robinson (Jar Music Group's Music Executive ) – are happy to lend our assistance and support for a series of music festivals in Sudbury (Suffolk). Starting this year, on a small scale, on the 7th of August 2010, but culminating in a top music festival in 2011 with some of the biggest names in the music industry". He continued to say "when I learnt of this Charity's plight through our partners Fairbanks Endorsements & Artist Relations, I immediately understood why it has not only to survive, but to help the 1 in 3 people that are directly affected by cancer, it needs to expand fast!
Jar Music Group will team up for the 2011 festival with Fairbanks Endorsements & Artist Relations, who are one of the most successful company's in their field dealing with all the major UK and International bands, and will work voluntarily to ensure the festival is a success and attracts some of the most acclaimed bands. Mr. Dom Fairbanks (Director) has already helped the charity by organizing a special visit to Reading festival for users of the charity.

This year's festival, on the 7th August 2010, will be held at the Delphi club site, and will be a celebration of life with activities for all the family. The bill will showcase the UK's best breaking bands who will be joined by local bands from Sudbury and the surrounding areas.

"The area is one of the best festival sites I have come across," says Mr. Antonio Robinson.
"I know people love music and festivals – Rob Brooks continued to say – so I'm sure if they know the concert is for a Cancer Charity they will come along and enjoy it.

The tickets are £10 per person and will ensure a complete success and our ability to help those with cancer more effectively.
Further details about the festival, line-up, days activities, location can be found at our website www.musicforlifefestival.co.uk

If you would like to know more about the festival or would like to volunteer to help you can email: info@musicforlifefestival.co.uk or phone 01787 379000.

We have great opportunities for sponsoring this and next year's festival.
If you would like to sponsor the event at any level
email sponsor@musicforlifefestival.co.uk or phone 0781 1111 788

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