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Enjoy a fun day at Specflue Music4Life Festival...
A day not to be missed or forgotten
With local music groups and a string of other fun things to do the only thing we can't guarantee is the weather.

Our entertainment schedule for the festival
Karaoke Competition
Become famous for a day at Music4Life
Festival-goers have the opportunity to sing and compete for a place to perform live on stage later in the evening with one of our headlining acts. The winner will have their performance remixed and recorded on a single for them to treasure. People taking part will be required to give a donation, which will go to the charities. JMG executives will adjudicate the best singer.
Mad Dog

Kiddies Activities
Keeping the children happy while you play!
On the day of the Festival we'll have loads of stuff for your kids to do ensuring everyone has a great day.
Kids Activities

Music4Life Raffle
Giveaway prizes for a charity Raffle
Raffle tickets will be available onsite as soon as prizes have been confirmed.
After the Ice

Dance Troupe
Sunshine Studios bring the dance to Sudbury
A dance program will be performed during the changeover between the day and night sessions using both high end dancers from one of the UK's leading dance studios and local Sudbury talent.
Street Dancer

Donate to withnature.org and discover the difference you can make to somebodies ife.

About the Charity...
Cancer care with nature
Help us create a safe, natural retreat
the Bands...

An incredible line up for a great cause
Donating talent for a better life.