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Eden-Rose Coppice
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Why cancer care With Nature and Eden-Rose Coppice
deserve your support

Eden-Rose Coppice aims to turn run down or unwanted woodland or meadows into conservation areas which have a positive effect on lives stressed by critical illness.

Eden-Rose Coppice, in Sudbury, Suffolk is the first site of this kind in the UK.

With your support, Eden-Rose Coppice Trust has cleared a number of safe, natural walking paths through this beautiful woodland. We have created a pond area and wetland habitat and now wish to add water features, soothing wood sculptures and resting places where visitors can enjoy a calm, therapeutic and supportive environment. Our next major project is to create an area for both school visitors and the public to escape the wet weather.

Eden-Rose will give cancer patients, their families, volunteers, caregivers and nurses an opportunity to escape, reflect and connect with nature. Our planned Pavilion towards the south of the Coppice will allow visitors to take in stunning views of the nature reserve and its wildlife in sunshine, warmth and comfort even during inclement weather.

Now open, Eden-Rose Coppice is manned by vetted volunteers. Visitors can arrange totally private visits for themselves or use the woodland in the company of others.

To achieve all of this, we need your help.
Please help us raise the funds to improve Eden-Rose Coppice. Your donation can get these major projects underway:

£140,000 to build and furnish the custom-designed lodge & disabled persons toilet
£16,600 to create wheelchair friendly and other walk ways (now achieved)
£7,600 to continue the tree safety work
£3,400 for further landscaping and development of a natural woodland
£2,800 to landscape and plant our wildflower walk

For more information about With Nature and Eden-Rose Coppice please visit withnature.org

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