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musical history...
Get in at the begining of something special.
Tickets for the Specflue Music4Life 2010 Festival are on sale now at an incredible £10.
To guarantee you do not miss this important place in musical history book your tickets
now by contacting the organisers, either call Muisic4Life on 01787 379000 or
email tickets@musicforlifefestival.co.uk.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the Sudbury Town Council Offices on Market Hill, Sudbury, during weekdays or next door from the Tourist Information Centre on weekends.
Your part in this event will make a BIG difference to a part of someone elses life. Tickets will be refunded at the managements discretion.

About the Charity...
Cancer care with nature
Help us create a safe, natural retreat
the Bands...

An incredible line up for a great cause
Donating talent for a better life.